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The Extended Board Of Directors (EBOD) started in 2001 with the philosophy that everyone needs their own personal board of directors. A unique group of people you consult regularly to get advice and feedback – a team of individuals who inspire, challenge, and motivate you to be the best you possible. After much personal and professional success with his own personal board of directors, Joe Clark (Founder of the EBOD Foundation) decided to take the idea to the next level.

Today, the EBOD is a diverse, strong, tight-knit advisory group that engages and gathers on a regular basis to help others make crucial life and career decisions, and to give back to the Philadelphia community. The EBOD network brings together:

  • INFORMATIONAL POWERHOUSES: the people who always have a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in Philadelphia, the tri-state area and across the country. EBOD is comprised of the type of people you seek out when you need intel about new trends, ideas, projects, and opportunities.

  • CONNECTORS: the “people persons”, those who know—and have great relationships with—just about everyone. These people love to open doors, make introductions, and help grow your network.

  • INFLUENCERS: in general, these are people who makes things happen. These folks have a way of eliciting agreement and collaboration from teams and can provide the heavy-hitting support, and/or introductions to others, that can guarantee the success of your initiatives.

  • MENTORS: the people who support others growth and development by providing advice, feedback, and guidance – a sounding board.

  • PHILANTHROPISTS: Today, the organization continues to expand and morph and largely focuses on the 501(c)(3) EBOD Foundation (EIN# 82-4744188) supporting research for a cure for Dementia/Alzheimer's as well as helping veterans and young people have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, regardless of their circumstances in the Philadelphia area.


Joe Clark, and his wife Lynn Ledwith, have dealt with dementia and Alzheimer’s on a very personal level, they have personal ties to the military and are committed in assisting the military and veteran communities, as well as supporting at-risk individuals  in achieving their academic and personal goals. 


By becoming a member of the EBOD you become part of a highly-engaged peer association that values sharing, learning and connecting with colleagues and partners – and giving back to the community for the greater good.

We strive to cultivate a highly-connected membership that strengthens and expands the potential and promise of the EBOD to build a strong philanthropic community that advances a more prosperous and equitable future for Greater Philadelphia and your local community. 



There’s only so much we can say on a web page about the spirit and value of the EBOD. So consider experiencing the network first hand. If you have questions about becoming a member, contact one of our members, or Joe Clark at 215-498-4713 or

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