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December, 2021

At the festively decorated Duportail House, 26 EBOD Foundation members met for the final meeting of the year and raised $3,800 for the foundation. This annual fundraiser included good food and conversation and a presentation by Don Naimoli from the Valley Forge Park Alliance. Don spoke about Brigadier General Louis LeBegue Duportail, the chief engineer of the Continental Army who designed the fortifications at the Valley Forge encampment during the American Revolution. Brigadier General Duportail lived in this home where the event was hosted during the winter of 1777. This French general was well-known for his keen knowledge of engineering and surveying, which played an important part in the Americans defeat of the British.

This discussion was filled with historic stories and it also reminded the group of the sacrifices people made for independence. Many EBOD members are veterans and have military members in their families. In addition to co-founders Lynn and Joe, our members understand the importance of supporting veterans and the non-profits which support them. 

One member who attended the event, Joe Gaber, said that EBOD “members are fascinating people who do wonderful things for veterans.” What he enjoys about his involvement with the EBOD Foundation is that “it’s like a family that has a cause.”

The funds raised from this event will go towards veterans and veteran’s causes. A donation of $2,500 was given to the VBC Giving Foundation. This Philadelphia-based non-profit builds high-quality respectful housing for veterans.

If you wish to donate to the EBOD Foundation, click on the yellow "Donate" button at the top of the page, and help us continue to support veterans and veterans' organizations throughout the Philadelphia region.

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